Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rosita's Fine Mexican Food

Our Favorite Mexican Food Restaurant! Rosita started her restaurant in 1963 , with only 4 tables in a location not far from where it is now (Hardy & University in Tempe). Rosita's is still family owned and operated, I believe by her grandchildren (a few of which are Iraq War veterans).The food is consistantly good and so is the service (I've been going since 2000). Our personal favorites are the shredded beef tacos, the chicken tacos and the homemade salsa which has just the right amount of spicy. Their enchiladas are awesome too!

Over the last few years they've been renovating the inside. The booths have re-upholstered and the old cane and wicker chairs are long gone (but they weren't so comfy to begin with). There are 3 dining rooms and the bar. So, next time you are in town for an ASU game or other nearby event, this is the place to go for really good, reasonably priced Mexican food.
Here's the web page for the whole history and the menu. Enjoy!


  1. I wondered if you would put this place in. It was good food, we enjoyed it when you took us there.

  2. I always like Rosita's but, haven't been to one in ages.

  3. We make special trips, at least once a month.
    We were temped to go back to Tempe just to be closer to our restaurant!